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Good Creations, LLC is a team of grant writing, business and non-profit development experts who bring a combined 70 years of working experience to the table. Working with businesses as well as non-profits, government agencies as well as non-government agencies, the Good Creations team possesses the tools to transform your organization and help you to realize your goals.

grant funds are available...

You won't find them through a late-night TV ad, or a website that promises that anyone is entitled to big money; but the fact is that there is a dizzying and constantly changing variety of grant funds available to eligible applicants, including:

  • Federal and State funds available to non-profits and some types of for-profit businesses, especially small businesses

  • Private foundation funds and corporate giving programs, available to agencies with a 501(c)(3) IRS-designated non-profit designation

  • Local government funding (towns, cities, and counties) available to 501(c)(3) non-profits and schools, among others

  • A variety of funds are available for innovative partnerships between non-profits and/or for-profit businesses.

    Good Creations can help you to navigate the confusing and constantly shifting landscape of grant funding—and find "hidden" funds that you might never have discovered. As grant seeking becomes increasingly competitive, it's critical to partner with a professional grant development team that will position your agency for funding success. The staff of Good Creations is experienced and skilled in:

  • Locating grant funds to match your mission and assist you in growing your programs and services

  • Helping you form partnerships that increase your chances of winning grant funding

  • Providing comprehensive, outstanding grant proposal development services

  • Marketing your programs, projects, and agency to funders in a way that will stand out above the crowd of other grant-seekers

  • Producing a professional product with a high probability for success in bringing grant dollars to you.

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